Protecting MMM for the future

Hello MMM Participants, Good morning.

Thank you for being steadfast in your decision for active participation in MMM – That has made the system very healthy and that’s how it should be!!

Today, I would like to address system crashes which is the elephant in the room – it’s the only issue that faces MMM in the future: As the community gets bigger and bigger, the government and financial institutions start to get concerned.

MMM is built and is being made to last forever and as members, it’s your duty to protect what works for you.

The following suggestions to mitigate system crashes have been put forth and I would like to share all 3 here and of course, you can suggest more alternatives too!

Suggestion 1: Educating participants on the role Media and naysayers play.

This is a very viable method of protecting the system and it’s the first one we have adopted and are incorporating in the guider and community school programs.

Educating the masses works great but as with most things, not everyone will want to attend guider and community school. That said, it is an indispensable tool in our toolbox.

Suggestion 2: MMM’s own cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies also called digital currencies or coins are a solution to a lot of problems we face in dealing with the standard currencies and banking infrastructures.
There are already a number of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ripple XRP, Ether, USDT, etc. Of the above, USDT is the most suitable for our use as a community because of its stability (Minute value/price fluctuation).

That said, the use of the above coins also means that we need a currency exchange platform which may request for too much information that can still be used for targeting members who receive huge sums of money!

To avoid that, the system will have to be integrated with its own exchange.
Benefits to having our own MMM cryptocurrency is that the use of this currency by members alone will automatically prop its value which will provide a safety net/’insurance’ for the community!

Suggestion 3: MMM’s own Blockchain network

Blockchain is a very complicated subject to most people but put simply: it’s a decentralised network (Which again means that it has no single point of failure).

What does no single point of failure mean?
Most websites including the MMM website is hosted on a single server (computer) and that means that, if that computer is switched off for whatever reasons, the site will also be offline.

With blockchain, a copy of the website can be hosted by as many participants in the network as possible which means if say, 10,000 participants are running the software for hosting MMM, then for the site to be taken down, all 10,000 computers must be switched off which is not an easy feat to accomplish looking at the fact that all these 10,000 participants are strewn all over the globe.

The blockchain therefore, is a big solution against the high-handedness of the powers that be. Also the blockchain together with MMM’s digital currency would remove human interference altogether from the system’s operation. The system will solely run on tested algorithm making it self-regulating.

The future is bright my friends. There’s a solution to everything these days if you look in the right places. Adoption of new technologies is indispensable to our cause if we are to build a solid system that will last for as long as we want.

In conclusion, I thank you for supporting the cause.
I appeal to those that haven’t donated yet, to make it a goal that they do so…don’t wait to have R5000 to start, start with what you have and it will move forward from there!

Otherwise, have a fruitful day all of you!

Long Live MMM.
Together we can change the world!
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